Truth School Regulations

1. Attendance is mandatory in all scheduled sessions. If you are sick or cannot attend any session, please call a serving one to request permission for absence.

  • Be in your assigned seat 5 minutes before every session, every day.
  • Begin to open and exercise your spirit (sing, pray-read, etc.).
  • Once the class begins, no one is allowed to leave until dismissed (no use of the toilets during class).
  • There should be no gum chewing.
  • No food or drink, other than water, is permitted in the meeting rooms.
  • There should be no talking, passing notes, or any other disruptive behaviour.
  • Be punctual regarding the announced schedule at all other times, including breaks.
  • You should tidy the area around your seat after each meeting.

2. Everyone must take notes, be willing to go through the review, and complete all assigned course work. Bring your Bible, hymnal, notebook, pen, outline, and lesson book to every session.

3. All the saints should be dressed in proper Christian attire.

  •  All clothes must be packed in coordination with parents.
  • For the meetings, the brothers’ attire should include:
    • Trousers and a shirt with a collar (no contemporary designs, messages, or characters).
    • No shorts, T-shirts or vests.
    • No ear rings or studs.
  • For the meetings, the sisters’ attire should include:
    • A skirt or a dress (not above the knee). Dress slits should end below the knee.
    • No T-shirts or tops that expose the midriff or back, or have a low neckline.
    • Everyone should bring appropriate clothing for outdoor service and afternoon recreation, no shorts.

4. Maintain a proper attitude and respect for other attendants and serving ones. Making fun of, ridiculing or provoking of others, in word or action, will not be tolerated.

5. Everyone must be willing to participate in all activities of the Truth School both in and out of the meetings. You will be expected to do some practical service with your team, such as clearing–up after meals.

6. While in the Truth School facility:

  • There should be no phone use unless approved by the Truth School office.
  • Brothers should not be in the designated sisters’ areas and sisters should not be in the designated brothers’ areas.
  • No one should leave the property for any reason whatsoever unless approved by one of the serving ones.
  • Treat the property, fixings, furniture and the grounds of the Truth School facility with respect. Take care not to cause damage or break anything. Do not leave an area untidy or drop litter. Please notify the Truth School office of any damage that occurs.

7. Lights must be out by 10:30pm. That means everyone should be quiet, with no one leaving his or her room except for emergencies.

8. All saints should maintain a proper restricted brother-sister in-the-Lord relationship in all situations (in language, attitude, intention and heart).

9. If you would like to take pictures or need an alarm you should bring a stand-alone camera or alarm clock. Similarly you should bring a paper version of the Bible and hymn book. No other electronic device including mobile phones, music players and hand held games devices are permitted and they will need to be handed to the Truth School office on arrival.

The young people must obey and maintain a respectful attitude towards ALL serving ones for the duration of the Winter School of Truth. Disobedience, rebelliousness or rudeness to a serving one will NOT be tolerated. We reserve the right to discipline anyone who does not obey the regulations. In serious cases this may include sending that young person home. We expect any extra costs incurred by this action to be met by that person.